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Tracing individuals from A to Z through your database

track linkage line

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#1 Lynn A Christiansen

Lynn A Christiansen


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Posted 07 November 2014 - 03:15 PM

Is there a way in RootsMagic to determine the path from individual to individual to get from person A to person B.


Why I ask is that my Family History data file is 23K plus individuals, all in one tree so they are all linked one way or another together.


What I am having trouble with is that as I search and find individuals that belong to my lines, I at times can not track how we are linked together. Most of the it is because there is a marriage that brings in another branch, which might have a marriage that adds other branches, ete, etc. and I am out on this twig....


I would like to know how to get from here to there, hence, my question can RM do this. I know there is the Set Relationships procedure but that only covers DIRECT line. There is the Kinship Report but that does not include going through a marriage and it gives Relationships only, i.e. cousin 4 times removed, etc. It provides nothing to be able to trace through the lines to get from A to B.


If RootsMagic does not have the capability are there any 3rd party programs that will take say a GEDCOM file and provide you with a track?


By this I am meaning:


Starting with say Me --> My Father --> His sister --> her Husband by marriage --> his sister --> her husband by marriage --> his mother --> her brother --> his son --> finally to his daughter; for example.


If there are any 3rd party programs that will do this, please let me know. I would really like to be able to do this.....thanks.

#2 TomH


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Posted 07 November 2014 - 04:32 PM

Family Tree Maker 2014 has an in-law capability in its Relationship Calculator, lists the people in between and their relationship and optionally generates a chart. For example: "mother-in-law of sister" of the first person. It appears to calculate all relationships between the pair and gives you the choice of which one to view/print, presenting the most direct one first. That is a very nicely developed feature that is miles ahead of RM.


If you upload a GEDCOM to an Ancestry Family Tree, you get the relationship to the root person displayed for any selected person.

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#3 Laura


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Posted 08 November 2014 - 12:02 PM

One way to navigate starting from yourself as the focus person.

Highlight your paternal grandfather and change to the Descendants view

Click on the arrow to the right of your aunt's husband.

The aunt's husband's parents will now be at the top of that view.

Click on the right arrow for his mother.

Change the slide to 4 generations

Find her brother's son and his daughter on the view.
Or, use the right and left arrows on the Family view to navagate.

Put the Sidebar on Family.

Use a combination of Sidebar, Index or Family, Pedigree view, Family view and  Descendants view to navigate to the person you want to go to.

The best place to start from is the person's name you know on tbat route as the focus person.  If you know the name of your uncle in law, start with his name by typing it in the Sidebar, Index.  If you know his sister or her husband's name, start by going to that  person in the Sidebar index.

I didn't use Sidebar, Family to navigate to the desired person in this case because selecting a new person as the focus person would open the new person's Edit person screen which would slow down navigating to the target person.

Reading this, it sounds complicated, but, actually nagavating to your target person as defined by your criteria of who you wanted to go to was fast for me as I know how to do it.


Practice navigating to another person to get familiar with how to do it..

#4 GeoffB



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Posted 10 November 2014 - 05:31 AM

Lynn,  in addition to Rootsmagic, I regularly use an app called 'MobileFamilyTree 7' on my Ipad (you need to import a Gedcom copy of your RM file).  This is a fully functioning genealogy database (rather than, as the RM app, display only) it is not free but quite inexpensive.  My experience is that includes many additional features missing from Rootsmagic which I use as my main program.  Included amongst these are some useful charting  and reporting options.  One which I think may help you the 'Kinship Chart' that produces a graphical tree that illustrates the connections between any two people in your file.  The charts and reports can, of course, be exported - say as PDF files - that can then be added as media items in RM.