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Basic Dropbox Procedure for RM5

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#1 calder



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Posted 13 July 2014 - 01:54 PM

I am using RM5 on a Windows 7 desktop. I know, I should upgrade to RM6 but I have been too busy working on my major genealogy project. I will do so once I have some free time. I currently backup my important data to a flash drive using SyncToy.


I want to start using Dropbox for RM data as my file is starting to get somewhat large (4.7 MB). I have installed the Dropbox app on my desktop and have moved a recent .rmgb file to the Dropbox server. 


For my current situation I have the following questions:

1. What should I be storing on Dropbox, the .rgmb backup files, the current .rmgc file, or both? The only advantage i can see in having the .rmgc in Dropbox is that I will have the capability to access it remotely - something I don't need at present.


2. While setting up the local Dropbox folder I discovered that I had not set up the RM default folders properly. As a result both the .rmgc and .rmgb files were stored in My Documents as individual files. I have now set up the five folders as recommended. Backups are being directed to the correct folder, but the current file, .rmgc, is still in My Documents. Do I need to drag it into the \RM5_Data\Data_files folder in My Documents?


I realize these are are very basic questions but I want some assurance that I am on the right path before moving ahead.




#2 zhangrau


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Posted 13 July 2014 - 02:31 PM

1. What you store on Dropbox depends on what you mean to achieve. See other threads for ideas on possible problems with multiple users accessing a Dropbox file simultaneously (as in if you both want to access the .rmgc file at the same time). Since the .rmgb file is smaller, it should Sync a bit faster than the uncompressed database in the .rmgc file.


2. YES. Move your database into your newly-defined data folder. Rootsmagic won't do that automatically for you. The next time you run RM, you'll have to use File - Open and go find the file, but after that the file will be on the RM recent files list in the data folder.

#3 Laura


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Posted 13 July 2014 - 02:45 PM

If you want the database on dropbox as a backup and think you will want to access it from the Mobile app later, save it to Dropbox/Apps/RootsMagic.  Then the database will already be in the right folder.


You can leave the database in it's present folder on the hard drive to work in and copy it to the Dropbox folder to be synced with Dropbox.  When you are making changes to the database which is saved in the Dropbox folder, every time you make a change the database is updated to Dropbox online unless you pause Dropbox.  This could mean a corrupted database if something goes wrong.


You can pause Dropbox before you open RM to work on a database saved in the Dropbox folder and unpause Dropbox after you close RM.  That works OK if you remember to pause Dropbox when you boot up your computer as the puase setting is not kept when you turn the computer off and then back on.