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Color coding for projects when you have permanent Color coding

Color coding

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Posted 27 March 2014 - 03:27 PM

Ways to work with color coding for projects when you have people permanently color coded.

Card is used in this post for SD card. Jump drives or other portable storage devices work the same way.

I have a user defined fact, ! Color with just the description enabled. I link that fact to every person in my database and enter their permanant color in the description.

I can change a person's color to any other color I want for a project and change the colors back pretty quickly in the color coding feature. I started doing this a long time ago way before we got Groups.

On the Color coding screen, Set the color. I will use Blue for this post.

Check on People selected from a list. Click OK.

Mark group, Select people by data fields

! Color, value, contains Blue.

All Blue people will be Blue again. Repeat for the next color

Since, some of my people are Black [clear, no color coding], Black is entered as a color in my fact.

Alternately, before you start changing color coding for a project, create Groups for each color using Color code is [Color] for a search criteria. Create a separate Group for each color.

When the project is finished, open the Color coding screen and check Clear all color and click OK. This changes all colors to Black.

Run Color coding again and Set the color to Blue.

Check Named group. Choose the Group for the color Blue. I would probably name the Group, Color Code Blue, etc.

Click OK. Blue is again Blue.

If I was dong a project above to create a gedcom of a select Group of people to someone else and didn't want to keep the Group, I would drag and drop my entiire database into a new database with a different name.

In the new database, check clear all colors. Check OK. This turns all people to Black [no color coding].

Then color code people as you wish for your project. When you finish, delete the new database.

If I want to use other color coding to make changes in my main database, I copy my database to the SD card that lives in my computer.

I have RootsMagic on that SD card. I used RootsMagic To Go to save RootsMagic on the card.

I open RootsMagic on the card and open the copied database which is on the card. This will be the database I do the color coding in.

Clear the color coding and, then Color code by the needed filters. Create a Group using the color coding in this database.

Open RootsMagic on the hard drive and open the main database. Open both RM pograms side by side. It helps if you have RM on the card set with different display colors than the RM on the hard drive.

Using the Group on the card database as the guide, make any changes in your main database on the hard drive. Create a Group in your main database from the filters you used to color code the card database if feasible.