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Rootsmagic on Mac computers

parallels crossover emulator programs

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#1 lethmom


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Posted 21 November 2013 - 11:12 AM

Is anyone out there using rootsmagic with Mac computer? If so what emulator program are you using?

#2 mareich



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Posted 21 November 2013 - 10:43 PM

Yes, I use RM on my Macbook Pro with Crossover Mac as the emulator. It's less expensive than Parallels and VMWare Fusion and less of a resource hog.


https://groups.io/g/RootsMagic-Users for discussion of RM topics

To join send an email to RootsMagic-Users+subscribe@groups.io


#3 bryan hughes

bryan hughes

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Posted 08 December 2013 - 05:23 PM

I am a new user of RM6 and run a windows PC desktop and a new Macpro 13" retina. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded CrossOver mac and after downloading/uploading a gedcom I started using the crossover trial with RM-to-go. I found a couple of issues in that I could not transfer images from my PC RM6 onto the mac using RM-to-go with a compatable USB stick. I also have a external Seagate mac hard drive that is configured for windows and mac and had the same problem as well as the crossover wanting me to install an unsupported program being the Seagate mac each time it was connected to the macpro.
As it was a trial for only 10 days I wanted replies to my questions from Codweavers before deciding to go with crossover or trial another program such as Parallels. I sent 3 emails and got a reply on the last day of the trial which I will add to this posting which may assist anyone who experienced the problem I encountered.

"In my testing I've found the RM-To-Go app doesn't like running in Crossover very much. We map removable drives (like USB devices) a bit differently than native Windows does it (we have to compensate for the Mac OS) and that can give RMTG fits.

What I would recommend doing instead is copy your full RM database onto the USB stick and open and use the database directly from the USB stick. You can save backups of the database onto each computer you use, and whether you're on Mac or Windows you'll always be editing the same database file on the USB stick so you'll always be in sync.

To fix the second problem open Crossover, go to the Crossover menu, Preferences, System Integration tab, and switch to Ignore CD and DVD Insertion. After that when you plug in your external drive Crossover won't offer to install anything."

If I understand correctly and please advise me otherwise, is they are suggesting running the two systems by running on backups, each time you open RM having made changes to data you would be required to do a backup restore.
I thought by running RM-to-go that each time you made data changes on the usb and then put the usb in either computer that RM recognised there were changes in data and prompted you to either import or export the changes from the computer or the usb, therefore the two computers would be in sync and updated.
I hope this helps and again as I am very new to this so please correct me if my thoughts are incorrect.

#4 Ludlow Bay

Ludlow Bay

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Posted 08 December 2013 - 06:00 PM

I think he's advocating having you not run RMTG, but having a full copy of RM installed on each computer. You would then use the USB stick containing the RM data file as the resident "portable hard drive" on whichever computer you're using. His mention of backups on each computer is just so that you have a safety net in case the primary database on the stick were to fail. Depending on the schematics of each computer, you probably won't have the same drive designation on the Mac Pro as on the PC, so your multimedia file paths will probably fail.

Don't know if a full RM installation vs RMTG will make any difference to Crossover.

#5 bryan hughes

bryan hughes

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Posted 08 December 2013 - 07:19 PM

I believe you are correct and the drive designations would be different. I think I may try another program and see the difference even if it does require splitting the hard drive and installing the full windows program. Might make life a little easier in the long run as I would like to utilise RM-to-go as I will be going to the UK for 3 months next year and will be doing family research. Thanks

#6 Renee Zamora

Renee Zamora

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Posted 09 December 2013 - 12:45 PM

You are correct that RootsMagic To-Go will not work on a Mac computer. That is because RM To-Go is self contained on the flash drive as a Windows program. The Mac wouldn't know to have CrossOver assist with running that. There isn't anyway to make it to. I don't think installing the full RootsMagic program on the external drive is going to work either. Your still basically trying to run a Windows program on a Mac and you need to get CrossOver involved in the running of the program.

With Flash drives you have to be careful that you get one that can be read in both the PC and Mac if you are moving between computer. You can read the database file RMGC or the restore the backup RMGB it doesn't matter either way.

If you use Dropbox you could install it on both the PC and Mac computers and then just save your backups (RMGB) to Dropbox. When you get on the other computer just use File>Restore and you have your latest version. Just don't put the database file (RMGC) on Dropbox and make live edits to it. It could cause corruption, unless you turn Dropbox off while your editing. If you forget to turn it back on afterwards you won't get the updated version to your other computer. Backups are much better in this case.