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syncing with Family Search

lds temple familysearch

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Posted 20 September 2013 - 08:33 PM

I am a new user to RootsMagic - so please excuse any neby mistakes

I formerly used PAF and have uploaded my database into rootsmagic of about 50,000 people.

For the longest time I ave wished that I could "sync" my database with Familysearch and be abel to downlaoad the LDS ordinance data from familysearch into my local database - doing so with the least amount of manual work.

This was one of the major reasons I got RootsMagic.

Would like to talk to othrs trying to do the same thing.

So I figured out how to do a "automatch" in my database syncing to FamilySearch
it seemed like it was going to work great . . .
It seems that after it processes a few thousand records . . . it simply stalls . . . no error message, no abend, nothing abnormal except that the names of the perosns it is processing no longer changes - and I know it has stalled.
that alone wouldnt be too bad - - except that when I try to start again . . . instead of it starting again where it left off - - - it goes back to the very beginning and starts over again . . . what a waste of time . . . and then it still ends up stalling at more or less the same place.
I have never been able to get beyond like 5000 records

THEN even with the 5000 records - - - it seems I have to go one by one - to bring the lds temple dates down from familysearch to my local database - no way to autobatch this it seems . . ..

anyone can help me???

Dennis Yancey


#2 dyancey1965



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Posted 20 September 2013 - 08:59 PM

I have the same problem - its so frustrating that it just keeps starting over at the beginning with the records its already processed - and then when it gets to a few thousand records - it simply stops - - - no error, no abend, nothing - but just stops processing the names. So then I shut it down and restart - and it starts over again at the beginning and eventually stops somewhere about the same place
I have yet to go beyond 5000 records on an automatch.
I dont wnat to have to waste all the time parsing my file into small portions
i would like to leave it running over night and process my entire file - and then Id like to see it download all the temple dates - - without me having to do that one by one.

the whole point of automation is to get rid of these unecessary human steps.

can someone help me figure out how to automatch my entire file??

Dennis Yancey

and why would anyone say ""That would be a very difficult thing to resume importing where left off."
its a simple flag of which record it left off of - - - how can that be so difficult, my goodness?
why does it go back and check again the same records it just checked for the past hour - - -- what a waste of ti\me!!

#3 Renee Zamora

Renee Zamora

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Posted 23 September 2013 - 09:07 AM

Our next update will fix issues with the AutoMatch. You might not find as many matches because it's not going to take into consideration all the relationships when matching. The calculating relationships is why it needed to start over from the beginning. With the next update it will just do straight matching like you get with Find Matches. We had to compromise somewhere and this change appears to be the best solution.

Importing is different than AutoMatch so I'm not sure if your last comment is referring to that or not. Importing is not a simply flag and cannot be resumed where it left off.

The only place you're going to get temple dates automatically added is with an Import. Then you will have to merge that into your database. That's just a mess waiting to happen if you really did that. We will not automate updating the temple ordinances when you do AutoMatching. I would never leave it to a computer to guarantee it's made a correct match and then mess with importing stuff into my database. The RootsMagician is very careful about making massive changes into a person's file for that very reason. When things go wrong its a support nightmare.

The blue arrow is already an indication if the work is done or not, so technically you don't even need the ordinances dates if you didn't want to confirm the information is correct. Which is what a mass import of temple ordinances would have done anyways.