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Using a Bookmark to Mark a Place in People View

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 07:21 AM

I presently have a project in progress to be sure that every individual in my database has some sort of birth date. I wish I had made sure of that from the beginning. But I didn't, so now I am in clean-up mode on people with missing birth dates.

To that end, I have my People View set up with birth date as one of the columns. Usually, my People View is already set up so that it's sorted ascending on birth date, but if not it's only one click to make it so since the birth date column is already there. With this setup, all individuals with missing birth facts sort to the top of the list and all individuals with birth facts that have a missing or invalid birth date sort to the bottom of the list.

I usually enter People View from an individual who has a valid birth date, so considerable scrolling up or down can be required to get to a person whose birth date is blank in People View. I'm presently working the bottom of the list - those individuals with a birth fact but without a valid birth date. Such individuals appear in the list immediately after the individual in the list who has the most recent birth date. So I created a book mark for this individual. The navigation is then as follows: 1) enter People View, 2) enter the Bookmark sidepanel, 3) select this individual who has the most recent birth date (a new baby in the family, of course), 4) return to the Family sidepanel (the most useful sidepanel for most usage), 5) go down one person in Family View.

It's really much simpler than it sounds, and it's much faster than scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling down People View.