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Any Mac/Parallels users on this forum? Multimedia help please!

Mac multimedia path Parallels

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#1 kmac



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Posted 06 November 2012 - 01:05 PM

I am a Mac user trying to use RM4 via Parallels 8 on my Mac. I would very much like to use RM and update to version 5 but I am having a lot of difficulty in figuring out the media path links to my files located on the Mac side of my computer.

I made a small test file and imported it as a gedcom from Reunion 10 into RM. The multimedia links are all broken and I know from prior experience, clicking the Fix Broken Links in Tools, takes a couple of hours to go through all the files on my computer. On my normal file, I have over 900 media files linked to me genealogy data.

The media link (broken) as shown in Media Gallery is this: \~/Genealogy/Photos/Kathy's Ancestors/ANDRADE, H & C wedding.jpg

If I manually add that file into RM, the path appears as \\psf\Home\Genealogy\Photos\Kathy's Ancestors\ANDRADE, H & C wedding.jpg and the image shows up as it should.

The PSF refers to Parallels Shared Folder, the Home is the same as the tilde in the first link.

In RM under Tools/Program Options/Folders, the path for multimedia is set to \\psf\Home\Genealogy which is how it comes up after clicking the ... button.

So, if there is anyone who is successfully using RM with Parallels on their Mac, I would love to be able to pick your brain as to how I can make this work for me. Thank you very much!


#2 TomH


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Posted 06 November 2012 - 01:55 PM

IF \\psf\Home\Genealogy\Photos\Kathy's Ancestors\ANDRADE, H & C wedding.jpg works and your RM database
previously had \~/Genealogy/Photos/Kathy's Ancestors/ANDRADE, H & C wedding.jpg
THEN I think you can use RM's global Search and Replace (Ctrl + H or find under the Search menu).

Field to search: Multimedia filenames
Search: \~/
Replace: \\psf\Home\
Search: /
Replace: \
That should fix the paths, provided files have not been shuffled around since you imported the GEDCOM.

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Posted 06 November 2012 - 02:49 PM

Thank you for your response! I tried your suggestion and did the search and replace. It didn't work completely. To be honest, I've tried so many things, changing the path names, etc. that I'm all mixed up!

This is how genealogy files are arranged on my Mac:

Photos: \Users\kabook\Documents\Family History Files\Reunion folder\Pictures\Kathy's Ancestors\Andrade, Joe.jpg

Other Media (census, vital records, etc.): \Users\kabook\Documents\Family History Files\Surnames\Andrade\Henry Andrade\Carrie Andrade death cert.jpg

At any rate, in the Media Gallery, the PHOTOS all show up with this path: Z:\Documents\Family History Files\Reunion folder\Pictures\Kathy's Ancestors\ANDRADE, H & C wedding.jpg. The Z drive represents the Home Directory on my Mac. These are all displaying correctly.

BUT ..... all the other media files, do NOT appear in the Gallery. They show a path like this: Z:\Documents\Family History Files\Surnames\Andrade\Henry Andrade\Henry Andrade WW2 reg.jpg

​I don't understand this because the beginning of the path is the same, they all come from the Family History Files folder. Grrrr.

The thing is, I have the same setup of files working with Legacy 7.5 and all the above mentioned media files display correctly. But, I really want to use RM 5!


#4 kmac



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Posted 08 November 2012 - 09:04 AM

A solution that worked for me, via Renee from RM:

Since all my media paths worked correctly in Legacy, she suggested I import my file from Legacy into RM instead of directly from the Reunion gedcom. That worked great and MOST of the media was displayed. It was hit and miss, still, with about 300 items in the same folders not showing up. But, I did a Fix Broken Media Links from the Media Gallery/Tools, and it repaired those. Thank you, Renee, for your excellent help!