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Can't login to FamilySearch - they made a change?

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#21 TomH


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Posted 06 December 2012 - 09:16 PM

FamilySearch.org seems slow but I do get in from RM6; however, it is giving this message:
" We are unable to display search results due to technical difficulties. Please try searching again in a few minutes."
So maybe you will just have to wait.


Now getting search results.

Search string looked like this:

Tom user of RM7630 FTM2017 Ancestry.ca FamilySearch.org FindMyPast.com
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#22 Renee Zamora

Renee Zamora

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Posted 07 December 2012 - 10:01 AM

For quite some time in the past, I used RootsMagic's FamilySearch search engine to obtain valuable information pertaining to my family tree, especially since most of the other engines are less productive unless one is a paid member. However, sometime in the last 4-5 months, I began having difficulty using FamilySearch from within RM. I hoped the problem would go away when I upgraded from RM V.5 to V.6 a few days ago, but it did not. From my web browser (Firefox), on the other hand, I can login to my account on the old FamilySearch.org site, but when I attempt to login to new.FamilySearch.org, the following message pops up:

Your account is not ready for new.familysearch.org.
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Please contact your ward clerk to ensure your Church membership record is correct and in your local unit. If your record is in order, the new FamilySearch website may not be available in your area.
Volunteers who previously used new.familysearch.org. Click here to combine your previous and new accounts.
General public. Look for a future announcement when you will have access to new.familysearch.org.

Anyway, when I use RM to access FamilySearch.org, which appears to use the old site, a "busy" icon just keeps rotating interminably. I have even created a "Revised FamilySearch" button per instructions under "Manage Search Providers" using Firefox to do a generic search, and then copy/pasting the string to the new button. The search strings used by both the built-in and the revised engines are not identical, although quite similar, but both result in the same rotating "busy" icon.

So, my main question is this: why can I login from my web browser and access records at FamilySearch.org, but I cannot do so from within RM?

I am unclear if you are using File>FamilySearch Central which accesses http://new.familysearch.org or trying to use WebSearch>FamilySearch which accesses www.familysearch.org

For both locations go to the corresponding website for it and make sure you can login. If you can't login on their website you need to contact FamilySearch - 866-406-1830

Keep is mind New FamilySearch - http://new.familysearch.org is very unstable right now as it transitions to FamilySearch Family Tree. I spoke with a manager over NFS and Family Tree Saturday and they told me they make changes to the websites 3 times a day.

In my opinion that gives them 3 chances in a day to break something or fix something. If somethings not working give it a few hours and it might change. Reminds me of the weather in New England. Bottom-line NFS it's a moving target right now.