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RootsMagic 5 Update History

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 03:36 PM

Current Version is - 11 July 2012
  • Fixed: Narrative report sometimes printed incorrect role sentences
  • Fixed: Rearrange media was disabled for places, sources, and citations
  • Fixed: Window size is remembered for media gallery / album, source template list, and fact type list - 9 July 2012
  • New: Shared events are included in "Who Was There" report
  • Fixed: Some issues with GEDCOM import of source research notes and detail comments
  • Fixed: Removed alternate name as option when customizing Add Person screen
  • Fixed: Website creation privatization (year only, year and place) work properly
  • Fixed: An issue with Family Origins import not retaining all "Include in scrapbook" checkmarks
  • Fixed: Clicking media checkmark in Explorer brings up filtered results for that fact now
  • Removed: Sort button in media album (media sorts based on user selected order)
  • Removed: Rearrange media option in media gallery (sort is used for either caption or filename)
  • Fixed: Some people weren't being color coded in Timeline View
  • Fixed: Box chart could sometimes display incorrect burial place name
  • Fixed: Age modifier in sentence templates didn't work in a few places
  • Fixed: [OtherPersons] now works for shared role sentences
  • Fixed: Sometimes searching for just a year would find events without a year entered
  • Fixed: Family fact types sometimes wouldn't print on Individual Summary report
  • Removed: alternate name as a column option for People View
  • Fixed: Several cosmetic issues - 6 April 2012
  • New: Added option to disable automatic thumbnail generation in Media Gallery
  • New: File > Data Tools > Reindex now removes phantom children and phantom events
  • Fixed: Switching between filters in "Who Was There" report sometimes didn't clear the previous people
  • Fixed: Unmarking "Living" checkbox on Add Person screen sometimes didn't carry over to Edit Person
  • Fixed: Tab key in Media Properties screen doesn't skip description field anymore
  • Fixed: Prefix and suffix now show in Media Tag list now
5.0.3 - 27 March 2012
  • New: New "Who Was There" list prints all people in a selected place at a selected time (see help for details)
  • New: "Fix Broken Media Links" now lets you select the starting drive and/or folder
  • New: Media Gallery now lets you sort media by either file name or caption
  • New: Added options to custom reports to shade alternate records or draw lines between records
  • New: Added preparer option to Box Charts
  • New: Added "Living" checkbox to "Add Person screen
  • New: Added option to print detail ref# for citations in Source List report
  • New: Changed 95 year rule to 110 years in New FamilySearch features
  • Fixed: Images attached to place details and citations now print in scrapbooks and multimedia list
  • Fixed: Legacy import now imports LDS Confirmation and LDS Initiatory
  • Fixed: If a note contains a NULL character it is stripped out when exporting to GEDCOM
  • Fixed: "Add Person" screen could crash if user had disabled the birth or death date or place field - 26 January 2012
  • Fixed: When splitting places into place / detail, the notes, lat/long, and pictures now go with the place detail instead of the place
5.0.2 - 25 January 2012
  • New: Added ability to split a place into separate place and place details (on Edit Place screen)
  • New: Added Merge Place Details to place details list
  • New: Added option to print place details in place index
  • New: Place details now print in Ahnentafel, Descendant lists, and Individual list
  • New: Added ability to turn off spouse, children, parent, and sibling events on Timeline view
  • New: Added ability to turn off graphical timeline on Timeline view
  • New: Christening and Burial events are displayed in Timeline view if Birth / Death are not available
  • New: File > Database tools > Reindex will repopulate birth/death year in Explorer and side list
  • Fixed: Place detail autofill works in edit person screen without having to save fact first
  • Fixed: Properly imports media links from GEDCOM files created by FTM2012
  • Fixed: Stopped clicking noise on Edit Source and some other screens
  • Fixed: Doing +Add Father and +Add Mother and selecting an existing person checks if there is an existing spouse to use
  • Fixed: Several drag and drop merge issues
  • Fixed: Sort by date sometimes didn't work when rearranging media
  • Fixed: Splitter between left and right panel of Edit Source screen works now
  • Fixed: Escape will cancel from the Edit Source screen when free form sources are used
  • Fixed: Some freezing issues in FamilySearch Central
5.0.1 - 16 December 2011
  • New: Added "Private fact" option to "On This Day" report
  • Fixed: Fixed freezing and slowness when adding images to media album on some systems
  • Fixed: Timeline view "switch to person" works properly on family events now
  • Fixed: Marking a photo as "primary" now removes primary check from original primary photo
  • Fixed: Tabs on Edit Source screen have been renamed and reordered based on customer feedback
  • Fixed: Timeline view graph wasn't displaying events with birth and death dates with modifiers
  • Fixed: After adding a person on pedigree view, unavailable cursor doesn't sometimes show anymore
  • Fixed: Field types for user created source templates sometimes got lost in GEDCOM transfer
  • Fixed: Fact types w/o dates show properly on Add Person screen
  • Fixed: Place details media imported from RM4 now show up in Place Details media album
  • Fixed: CountyCheck works in "Add Marriage" screen when adding a spouse
  • Fixed: Family and event media items can now be rearranged
  • Fixed: Selecting a citation for a media tag displays the citations alphabetically now
  • Fixed: Selecting a citation for a media tag displays progress when there are thousands of citations
  • Fixed: "Delete Fact" and "Remove media" dialogs don't cut off text under XP anymore
  • Fixed: Added hotkeys in various spots - 16 December 2011 (Unofficial release replaced by 5.0.1) - 5 December 2011
  • Fixed: Crashing on a few computers when adding/editing todo or media items has been fixed
  • Fixed: Added hotkeys to the Edit Source tabs
  • Fixed: On Edit Person screen, [Tab] key now moves to the edit panel
  • Fixed: Shared events on Timeline view don't say wrong event anymore
  • Fixed: Adding new freeform source / citation places cursor in starting field properly - 4 December 2011
  • Fixed: Crashing on a few computers when adding/editing a source has been fixed - 3 December 2011
  • Fixed: Reference number and repository can now be searched for in Research Manager
  • Fixed: Last alphabetical person is now included in Surname Statistics list - 1 December 2011
  • New: Timeline View now shows shared events
  • New: Timeline view redlines Disproven or disputed facts
  • Fixed: Sped up People View when filtering using named groups
  • Fixed: Sped up RM4 conversion
  • Fixed: Bibliography field in free form sources load properly
  • Fixed: Place details media imported from RM4 now show up in Place Details media album
  • Fixed: Media attached to shared facts now show up in the media album
  • Fixed: Research Logs reference number and repository now export / import via GEDCOM
  • Fixed: Link to support in Essentials version now works